I WOULD LIKE TO WELCOME A FEW NEW PEOPLE TO OUR COMMITTEE: (President)-Julie Serra, (appropriations committee)-Cindy Green, (helping with web master) (Treasurer)-Sherry Facteau, (Secretary)-Susan Daul, (Events Coordinator)-Gail Giroux,  (assisting all projects)-Michael Serra, Jana Lee Cummings


North Country Cancer Fund Mission Statement:

It is the on-going mission of the North Country Cancer Fund to raise money and supply financial assistance to families of Clinton, Franklin, and Essex Counties of New York who have a family member touched by this dreaded disease. We will continue to assist families along as funds are available or this disease has been vanquished. We are dedicated to working hard for the people of the North Country and being able to provide some financial support as needed.

Please check out our sponsor page, upcoming events page, and if you are a family in need the application for assistance located in the Application and Forms Page. As we get pictures from our events we hold we will post them. If you have pictures you would like to allow us to post please feel free to contact our Web Master Dawn Morrow or any of the Board Members listed on the Contact page.

Again, the North Country Cancer Fund's assistance is not possible without the help of our neighbors, friends, and coworkers here in the north country.....THANK YOU for all of you who take the time and effort to help these Families...

Over the past 10 years the North Country has seen a rise in the number of families that have been touched in some way with cancer. This year we will continue to offer as much assistance as we can to help ease the burden to these families. North Country Cancer Fund was established in 2007 by Thomas Douglas and Rodney Provost and in the past 5 years we have given out over $100,000 to over 140 families in the Clinton, Essex, and Franklin County Areas.

All monies collected are kept in the local area to help pay for non-medical expenses. The committee has a non-for-profit account at TD North Bank.

This year we are planning on many activities to help raise money for our community.

Please feel free to look through our web page and our face book page.

Web page-Northcountrycancerfund.co or face book page-north country cancer fund, friend us or like us.


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